Important Car Parts you need to check regularly

Familiarize yourself with the Owner’s Manual

One of the essential things that you have to do with regard to routine car maintenance is to have time to read and understand the owner’s manual. Generally, this comes with the car upon purchase. In case you fail to get your copy, you can look for it online.

It is in this book that you will find the maintenance schedule section. It’s also where you ought to allude to with regards to the appropriate interval of changing certain parts of the car, for example, your engine oil and oil filter. This is likewise where you should look with regard to the proper tire pressure of your vehicle. However much as could be expected, follow the manufacturer recommendations specified in your car user’s manual to keep your car in perfect condition.

Check Tires

Something else that you need to do as far as standard vehicle maintenance is to periodically check your tires at least twice a month. As a general role of thumb, ensure that you always inspect your tires at least twice or thrice a month, including the spare tire that you have at the back or in the trunk of your vehicle. While you might have knowledge of how to pressure your car tires, you may not know that you want to maintain the appropriate tire pressure. This is where a tire pressure gauge proves to be useful on the grounds that it will help you know whether you are driving with the proper tire pressure.

Check Your car Tires Regularly

You may likewise need to interchange your tires over and over, especially when you see that some of them are worn out. Even if you decide to get a good tire brand like Pirelli tires or Kumho tires, you actually need to ensure that they have the appropriate tire pressure to avoid bursting when you are driving. You ought to likewise have your wheels aligned during routine vehicle upkeep.

Change Oil and Filter Regularly

Besides the tires of your vehicle, you ought to likewise change the oil, oil filter, fuel diesel filter, and air cleaner of your car always. It’s always recommended routine of changing the oil and filter is always listed in the owner’s user manual. Remember that the oil is the backbone of your vehicle, which acts as a lubricant that keeps all important parts of your engine running well. Whenever you neglect to change your engine oil always as indicated in your owner’s manual, then, it may lead to extreme friction when the engine is running the thing which may cause serious damage to your engine.

As a general rule, the best practice in the schedule of changing the air cleaner of your car is the very time that you change the engine oil. While this to a great extent relies upon how much your drive, changing the air cleaner several times a year is so important to your vehicle life.

Inspect the Fluids of your Vehicle

Check the level of coolant in the radiator

Apart from the engine oil, you should also check and inspect the car brake and transmission fluids, as well as the coolant and windshield washer fluids. The transmission fluid can be checked with a dipstick, while the brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid levels can be inspected visually when you remove the covers of each. As much as possible, your vehicle’s fluids should reach the designated fill line.

Aside from the engine oil, you ought to likewise check your vehicle brake and transmission fluids, like the radiator coolant and windshield washer fluids. However much as could be expected, your vehicle’s fluid should reach t assigned fill line.

Look at your Spark Plugs and Belts

Another thing u have to check regularly is the spark plugs and belts of your vehicle, when it comes to the perfect operation of your vehicle, spark plugs, belts, and hoses play an important role. You will refer to the owner’s manual to get to know how long spark plugs have to work and how they should be replaced. In the engine section of your vehicle, there are several belts and hoses which play a big role in the smooth running of your engine. So, in case you see any cut or tear on one of these it’s better you replace it immediately.