Which Vehicle is better for Self Drive Safari in Africa – SUV or MUV?

When planning a road trip or self-drive safari in Africa, you will need to choose the right vehicle for your trip depending on the destinations you plan to visit and the road conditions in those destinations. The common vehicles to use on road trips are SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) and MUVs (Multi Utility Vehicle) but in this post, we will help you to distinguish which vehicle to use on which road trip and when.

Despite the fact that SUVs and MUVs have almost the same designs, the two types of vehicles are important in different ways. The SUVs are made to handle all types of roads starting from Highways, and race tracks, and also they can go off-road. The most important features of the SUVs, are the spacious interior and the current models come with advanced technology, a gearbox differential, and a 4×4 option. The SUVs have features suitable for long drives the thing which makes them perfect for self-drive safaris or road-tripping in Africa where you will need to spend a lot of time on the road transferring from one destination to another. The most popular SUVs include Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Outlander, BMW X1, Ford Endeavour, and others.

The MUVs were made to form utility. The vehicle has a high seating capacity of about 7 to 10 people and it can carry a large amount of luggage generally there is compromised comfort in MUVs. The most common MUVs are the Toyota Isis, Toyota Noah, Toyota Voxy, Toyota Alphard, and Nissan Elgrand among others.

The SUVs and MUVs are the two ideal options when planning a self-drive or road trip in Africa.

When to use SUVs?

Ford Everest – SUV

SUVs are most preferred by luxury travelers who are planning to take self-drive or road trips in Africa. These vehicles are most known for their strong engine and 4WD the thing which makes them capable of going even to remote destinations.

The strong engine in the SUV is perfect for travelers planning a safari in Africa, like those going to visit wildlife parks and game reserves in Africa.
Traveling during the rainy season in Africa, an SUV will serve you better and you will be assured to reach your destination however bad the road is due to its strong engine.

When to use MUVs?

Toyota Alphard – MUV

MUVs are the most preferred when planning to travel in groups or with family due to their large capacity to haul people and luggage. They are also known to be fuel efficient meaning it offers good mileage so it’s better for budget travelers.

It’s most preferred by travelers planning around-the-town travel like going to the beach, shopping, or outing with family and friends due to its weak engine. You can’t trust it going off-road in remote areas.

In conclusion, in order to enjoy your self-drive safari in some African countries with bad road networks and desert areas like Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, and others you will need a strong 4×4 SUV, and in case you planning to visit countries with good road networks like South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda and others a MUV can do the job better.