Things to consider when choosing a rooftop tent

Choosing to go camping is the best option when planning a self-drive safari in Kenya, but before that, there are several things you should consider before choosing the rooftop tent you should go with on your self-drive camping safari in Kenya.


Choosing to go for a camping safari is the cheapest and most budgeted way to explore Kenya but this doesn’t mean that you should compromise your right to enjoy a comfortable night. So when contacting the car rental company to book your 4×4 with a rooftop tent, make sure you make it clear to get a tent with a high-density foam mattress, which is comfortable. And also you will need a rooftop tent that is waterproof that can protect you from wind and heavy rain. So consider your comfort as a priority.


The size of the rooftop tent is another thing to consider when choosing a tent to go with on a camping safari. The most common rooftop tents comfortably sleep 2 people and this is mostly preferred by couples also there those that sleep 4 people and these ones are also known as family rooftop tents. But in case you traveling in a group or family of 5 people and above consider hiring a car vehicle with at least 2 rooftop tents or you can also add a ground tent in case you have more than 5 people.

Hardshell Rooftop Tent


For those going on an overland safari in Africa, whereby you will have to go camping for a long period like 2 months and above, you will need a durable and long-lasting rooftop tent that can withstand any weather long time. You should choose waterproof and non-tear polyester that will remain intact for the period you will spend in the wild enjoying your camping safari.

Ease of Conversion

After spending the whole day driving to your favorite destination, the last thing you will do is organize your campsite and even set up your rooftop tent. That is where you will need a rooftop tent which is easy to set up. There are some types of rooftop tents that are complicated to set and there are also those that are easy and efficient to step up and setting it up can take only 5 minutes.