The Best Vehicles for Tall People

It’s great if you are tall – around six feet or more – but when it comes to choosing the right vehicles, things can get a bit complicated and tricky. Different brands come in different sizes. Even different variants from the same brand can have different sizing and measurement.

It is very crucial to choose the right car that fits your height because we are talking about safety as well as comfort. When you feel that you are being trapped behind the wheel, your comfort has been compromised and things can get ugly from there. You may have to deal with back pain, constant fatigue, and even loss of focus if you choose the wrong ride. When you lose focus, you can endanger yourself and other people on the road. Lots of accidents happen because the drivers lose focus and can’t fully concentrate.

It is important that you pay attention to the measurement of the cockpit area, mainly the hip room, legroom, and also seat headroom. Of course, you can always view the cars – along with the cockpit measurement – from the provided lists, but it is advisable that you do a test drive before purchasing one. Don’t rely on numbers only as numbers can’t really present the real condition of the ride. By doing the test drive, you can see how spacious the cockpit is and how well you can make adjustments or changes. If you are comfy enough behind the wheel, then it is the best car for you.

There are loads of different brands, variants, and types out there, so how do you know which car is the best car for tall people? There are some possible names and brands that you can consider about. Just take a look at their specifications and decide whether they are suitable for you.

Land Cruiser Prado

This is one of the common vehicles used in Kenya the vehicle is in two types, there is one of 2700cc and also the one with a V6 3400cc engine the vehicle has 55 inches of hip room, 46 inches of legroom, and 40 inches of headroom.

The Kia Optima

The Kia Optima – 2005

With 54 inches for the hip room, 45.5 inches for legroom, and 40 inches for headroom, this ride has a spacious cockpit with a total average dimension of around 46.7 inches. Not only the cockpit is spacious enough, but the interior cabin is also roomy and comfortable. The exterior side is also nice and good-looking. For the power, the ride comes running with a four-cylinder engine producing 200 hp of power. If you like the turbocharged option, you can have one with 274 hp of power. The warranty also covers 100,000 miles for 10 years coverage. After all, this ride is quite affordable with $22,000 for the base variant. No wonder it is considered one of the best cars with roomy space.

Benz S-Class

This car has a front seat average dimension of around 46.8 inches. Although the legroom is only 42 inches and the headroom is only 38 inches, the room is quite spacious at 61 inches, making the cockpit area comfy enough. After all, the S-Class is also known as an elegant ride with lots of features. Comfort and style are the most important aspects of this brand, so you will certainly enjoy driving it around. Moreover, the car is running on a V8 engine with 429 hp of power. Not only this ride is powerful, but it is also stylish. However, you may have to spend quite a fortune for it as the tag price is set at around $95,000.

Toyota Rav4 2009

Toyota Rav4

This ride has a front seat average dimension of around 57.1 inches; with 53.1 inches for the hip room, 41.8 inches for legroom, and 40.8 inches for headroom. Not only spacious, but it is also luxurious and elegant. Besides running on a 2.2L engine with 150 hp of power, the car also comes with a high-end entertainment system for the interior cabin, so you can really expect great enjoyment when riding it around. Besides the all-wheel driving system, you can also enjoy the sophisticated audio system. There is still more to expect from this ride. Although this one isn’t as expensive as the S-Class, you still need to spend about $15,000.

Those are just several examples of the best car for tall people. You can still browse around and view the specs and features of each model and brand. Be sure that you have done thorough research; otherwise, you may regret spending a lot for a ride that only makes you uneasy and tired.