My First Experience in Renting a Car in Kenya

I experience both positive and negative car renting experiences – back to back and I want to share with you both of them

Next to organizing my self-drive safari in Africa, hiring a safari vehicle to use on my safari in Africa was the next step. But often there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty associated with the whole process. Am I really getting a good deal? Their best deal? Are they taking advantage of me? Do they really care about making sure I am a satisfied customer, or only about my money?

I inquired about several online car rental agencies and I agreed to take the offer from 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd which was the cheapest of all and was offering 95$ per day on a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser VX/V8 engine, the agent who was replying my emails seemed too nice to me and more knowledgeable. He assured me that this land cruise is the best option to travel around the continent on self-drive because it had a strong 4.7L V8 petrol engine which is a full-time 4×4.

I was given several vehicle options and since I had to travel to different destinations including off-road and remote destinations, I was advised to book a 4×4 land cruiser VX/V8 and even there was a chance to bargain on the price and since I was going for a 3-week self-drive safari in East Africa, I got a 10% discount.

Land Cruiser V8 Safari Vehicle

I had already researched on the Internet on the price of car hire in Kenya particularly and east Africa in general and found out that 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd is the cheapest. After agreeing on 95$ per day, I was given the bank details so that I can pay the deposit of 100$ so that they can confirm my reservation.

I took my time before paying the deposit as I also tried to check on other company prices and after a full week I then I decided to deposit the money immediately after depositing, they sent me the receipt including the amount a have paid and the balance which had to pay on the day I will pick the car.

When the time to travel reached, I just flew to Kenya, and by the time I arrived at the airport, I was welcomed by the agent from 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd he helped me carry my bags in the car and even we did the paperwork just there at the airport and later I started my safari in the region. The Internet made everything easy