Why Go Self Drive in Kenya

Whenever you think about going on a self-drive safari in Kenya, you just know that it’s a perfect choice and it comes with a lot of fun and many advantages though there are also some disadvantages. Self-drive safaris offer a lot of freedom than traditional guided safaris. For example, you get to decide when you start and stop your safari as well as how long you go out on your own safari tour.

Going to Kenya for a self-drive safari is such an amazing option for several reasons just as long as you have all the essential camping equipment and a strong 4×4 vehicle, you will enjoy the safari in Kenya national park.

Still, self-drive safaris are more interesting when you have a group to travel with, in the way that, you will have to share the expenses like the camping sites costs, 4×4 rental, fuel, and other things which you will have to pay on a safari and this can make the safari a bit cheap.

Elephants in Kenya National Parks

The other advantage of traveling in a group is that when it comes to security issues there are fewer chances of getting mugged than when you are alone like in the case of a flat tire, am sure it can be much easier when you have someone to help.

Another advantage you will have when you choose to go self-drive when planning your safari to Kenya is the flexibility in it where you can choose when to start the safari, destinations to visit, how long will you spend on the safari and even when you already on a safari you will have control of everything like where stop sleep when to leave a certain destination and other and when you on the road since you will be driving your self, you will have control when to stop for photographs and even when stopping for breakfast or lunch. You also have the luxury of choosing who exactly goes on the tour with you.

However, I stated before there are cons and the cons include price, there is also a lack of knowledge of the plains and which exact animals you are looking at or might see in the area.

If you want to get camping equipment some things you should get include maps, cooking supplies, water, and safari bathrooms. You may also want to test drive your hired vehicle before you take it on tour. Make sure that you test out all your equipment before you pay for it, especially the car you would not want it breaking down in the middle of nowhere.