Masai Mara in Kenya – All You Need to Know

It is irrefutable that the Masai Mara is perhaps of the most famous national parks in Africa. The first time I thought of taking a safari to Africa my first choice was to visit Kenya and its wide-open grasslands. The fact that the country is home to the real African safari and the Masai Mara is the focal point of the tourism business should come as no surprise.

The reserve is found in the southwestern part of the country approximately 260km from Nairobi the capital of Kenya. This 1,510 square kilometers game reserve hosts a variety of wildlife including the seasonal wildebeest migration. The wildebeest migration offers an amazing chance to see over a million wildebeest crossing valleys, plains, and rivers in search of green pasture.

When you visit Masai Mara Game Reserve you will be sure to view amazing games all year round. Whenever you will go out in the park for a game drive, you will have something amazing to see. In the park, you will get a chance to spot a variety of wildlife like, hyenas, cheetahs, zebras, lions, leopards, buffaloes, and elephants among others.

In spite of being one of the most famous tourist destinations to visit when Africa, You will Masai Mara Game Reserve amazing any time you will visit it.

Wildebeest Maasai Mara Game Reserve – Kenya

The reserve got its name from the Massai tribe that is found inside and the word mara comes from the Maasai word meaning “spotted” an adept depiction of the landscape from above.

Together with the nearby Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, they form the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem. These two parks combined are blessed with a variety of wild game and host thousands of large animals.

Best Time to Visit Maasai Mara

Most visitors consider the period of the Great Wildebeest Migration as the perfect time to visit Masai Mara Game Reserve but in case you are not interested in this Migration, Masai Mara has a lot to offer to the visitors.

January – February

The months of January and February are regarded as dry months in Masai Mara. During these months water is scarce and what you just have to do is to go to any permanent water source in the reserve for an amazing view of wildlife. Still, you should not forget to look in the sky as well because still, those are the months of bird migration.

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March – April – May
The months of March to May, are known as the “long rain season” and in these months the reserve is ever wet but still it’s hot during these months, but it mostly receives heavy rains during the month of April. Although you will always need a 4×4 vehicle, in these months that is when it’s strongly recommended to have a 4×4 vehicle.

June – July – August – September – October
During the months of June to October, the reserve always experiences amazing temperatures and dry and warm weather. This is the perfect time for a wildlife safari in Kenya and it’s also regarded as the perfect time to visit Masai Mara Game Reserve.

November – December
The months of November and December are characterized by short rains and you should expect overcast, cloudy skies and rain most especially in the morning. The temperatures are a bit high although it’s always cold in the morning.

Where to stay in Masai Mara

There are thousands of accommodation facilities in Masai Mara Game Reserve and also in the Mara Conservation area